Siena. My superhero. 

I knew early on, even before Siena was born that she would have a lot to overcome to just live.  We were told that her chances of surviving birth were bleak. When my daughter entered my life six years ago, albeit 9 weeks early, my world changed for the better as I watched a tiny superhero beat the odds and victoriously come through surgery, after surgery. 

And through it all, YOU were her superhero! YOU prayed for her, uplifted us, her parents, YOU introduced Siena to your kids and scheduled play dates, YOU invited Siena to birthday parties, YOU encouraged her when she needed extra support, YOU welcomed her into the neighborhood, YOU say "hi" to her at school and on the playground, YOU smile, YOU accept, YOU are patient, YOU do not label her.  

My whole life, I labeled individuals with "disabilities" as "disabled," but when I saw the extraordinary strength and ability in my own 3 pound daughter, my view point has shifted.  I am now bursting with enthusiasm to raise awareness for individuals with different abilities and to become their advocate. I want to show the world the value of these individuals and help those individuals thrive in awareness of their respected position in the community. 

For every step I take and every dollar I raise, I am helping to create a culture that fully includes the more than 400,000 Americans with Down syndrome. Last year, more than $13 million dollars was raised by more than 305,000 Buddy Walk® participants worldwide.

Your support for the Baltimore Buddy Walk®, either by walking with SIENA'S SUPERHERO SPRINTERS or by making a donation, will help honor and celebrate people with Down syndrome. YOU BECOME A SUPERHERO TOO!


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